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Duchess - Herndon, VA

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Has your dog's fitness gone to the dogs?

If so, it's time for DogOn Fitness, Northern Virginia and Maryland's only daily service devoted exclusively to dog exercise and fitness.

Does your dog pull on the leash, raid the garbage can, or destroy furniture out of boredom? We can help! Our daily exercise sessions give your dog the mental and physical challenge she craves.

Claudia and her friends.
Claudia with Zoe, Kinnon, Shawnee, Penny, and Cassie  - Herndon, VA

Our exercise services are perfect for overweight dogs, high-energy dogs, dogs who need more exercise and any dog who wants an active daily walk or run.

We also offer daily relief walks, puppy visits, vacation visits, boarding, and our signature Family Integration Training (F.I.T.).

Find out how your dog can benefit from a daily workout with us.


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What our clients are saying about us:

"We wanted to let you know how great Suds has been with Gracie. He writes us the cutest messages in his report, and is so caring" Linda - Rockville, MD

"I wanted to send a note to thank you for the excellent service provided for my little Copper. It is so refreshing to know that he is in great hands with Verna and I can rest easy that he is safe and happy. Thank you for all you do." Giselle - Herndon, VA

"Neil was amazing! We adore him. Thank you so much!" Nanci - Washington, DC (F.I.T.client)

"Geoff is an absolute sweetheart! He genuinely seems to enjoy the work and was so lovely and enthusiastic with Jack!" Lauren -Bethesda, MD

"We're really happy with the attention and quality of time that Baxter has been getting with Linda. She's been really great for Baxter and we couldn't be happier. Baxter seems to really enjoy his outings with her and is still napping when we get home from work " Susan - Mclean, VA

"Thanks to the area's 'best dog-walkers'" Susan - Potomac, MD

"Tina, thanks so much give Alfie a big kiss from me - it is so great to be away and know someone truly cares about your dog." Carla - Bethesda, MD

"I also have left a message for Katherine. We cannot say enough kind things about her. She is simply the best." Autumn and Doug - Reston, VA

"We knew the Doodles loved Curtis but it was so nice to see how much the feeling was mutual even when the parents were back. I swear they were smiling when we left again and they never even looked out the window!" " Chris - Bethesda, MD

"Verna has been with our Bella since she was 9 weeks old, doing twice a day puppy walks. Three years later, Verna is considered Bella's 2nd Mom, and a member of our household!" Tracey - Reston, VA

"Neil is the best trainer I have ever had...and I have had 4 or 5. Neil actually listens to what the real problem is." Anne - Bethesda, MD (F.I.T. Client)

"Thanks for taking such good care of Gucci. I can tell she really loves her walks with you." Dana - Reston, VA

"I enjoyed reading Debbie's notes and am so relieved to have found people I can trust with Kailie when I am unable to be there." Lucy - Bethesda, MD

"Our neighbors notice how terrific Drew is with our dogs. We feel lucky to have such a wonderful person caring for our guys!." Valerie - Reston, VA

"Meredith went above and beyond the call of duty today! We are so greatful to have found all of you who have taken care of Snickers like he is one of your own." Christine and Pat - Bethesda, MD
"Things are going really well. Audrey really seems happy on Tues/Thurs, it's a stress relief knowing she's getting out in the middle of the day, and Jenn and I are having fun coming home to the notes on Audrey's adventures!" Rich, Bethesda, MD

"Cate's descriptions of her time with Choji makes me sure that he is falling in love with his new friendly exerciser. It feels great to know that Choji was so loved and cared for!" Mindy - Bethesda, MD

"As always, Murphy was just fine when we arrived home. So much different than when we used to pick him up at the kennel. We greatly appreciate the extra attention he gets from you all!" Alison - Bethesda, MD

"I selected DogOn Fitness to care for my dogs while I'm away because I get email updates and feel very comfortable with how Mark handles my dogs." Ann- Potomac, MD

"We just love Peter. We simply can't say more about him. He loves our dog. He is great. He has been just what she needed. And honestly we know Taylor is his favorite even if he doesn't admit it ;) " Claire and Peter - Rockville. MD
"Thanks for Jared's great care!. You and Jackie give such a reassuring and nice impression!" Annette - Potomac, MD
"Me and dogs LOVE Hunter!" Lorna- Mclean, VA

"My dog is quite huge and energetic so I don't trust his safety with just anyone plus, these folks are as honest as the day is long. I wouldn't feel good about another company when I have so much faith DogOn Fitness. " Julie - Bethesda, MD

"My husband and son have remarked about how nice Robert is and how the girls enjoy him." Laurie- Mclean, VA

"Thanks again to you folks for all your help...Buddy's days were so bright because of your daily walk!" Todd and Sarah - Bethesda, MD (R.I.P. Buddy)

"Have you thought about putting a "Testimonial" link on your website? There would be so many of your clients who would love to share about the great services you provide."Tracey - Reston, VA

Cali - Great Falls, VA

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